One Year Later… This Is How We Do It!

The Gomez Family. Paintings by Mario Gonzalez Jr.

One can think about making a positive change in a community for a long time but it is until that moment when you decide to move forward and do the work that change actually begins to take place. It has been one year today since my wife and I decided that out of the thousands of needs in this world, we could make an impact in at least one.  As a result, we decided to combine our passion for art and education into one business with the mission of giving school supplies to local children in need.  That is how 3c Wear was formed.  We collaborate with local and international artists to design the tops we sell online.  For every top we sell, one bag full of school supplies goes to a local child in need. Simple and effective!

This is how it works…


We invite local and international artists to collaborate with 3c Wear in the design of a limited edition top. The artists approach to design process is the same way they approach their own art to capture the spirit of their artistic vision. Each design is a work of art in itself.

Inspired Design by Mario Gonzalez Jt. (ZORE)
Inspired Design by Mario Gonzalez Jt. (ZORE)


The artists’ work of art goes through our design department to prepare it for silkscreen printing. Once the production is ready to roll, the new top goes live and ready to be purchased at  Our social media campaigns begin to cross the web promoting the new design and the artist behind it.  Each design is a limited edition product. Once the campaign ends, so does the availability of a particular design.


Once an awesome person purchases a top from our website, 3c Wear puts aside a full bag of school supplies for a local child in financial need. We print on-demand and in-house. Once per week, the orders are collected and hand printed in our 3c Print Lab using the silkscreen method. Once the orders are ready, they are shipped out to our happy and awesome customers.

3c Wear Print Lab
3c Wear Print Lab


Once many orders have been accumulated and the bags of school supplies have been prepared, we contact our community Giving Partners in Illinois and Northwest Indiana to help us identify families who are in desperate need of school supplies for their school age children.  We then schedule Inspired Giving Days hosted by our Giving Partners.



The final step is the best of all. This is where the tangible difference takes place. We go to the location prepared by our Giving Partners to hand deliver the school supplies to each kid. We do not send the boxes for someone else to give or store. Instead, we go, we meet, we greet, we encourage and we give.  Each child gets a full bag with the school supplies necessary for learning and creativity.

Inspired Giving Day

And that my friends, is how change is made. One child at a time, one customer at a time, one artist at a time and one tee at a time.  Art, creativity and education working together for the common good.

One Year

Thank you to all the artists that have collaborated with us and to all the awesome people that have purchased one or more tops. You all rock.  Please continue making a difference in a local child’s life!!!!

Sincerely yours,

Sergio Gomez
3c Wear Co-founder

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