2013: Resolutions, no. Targets, Yes!

What is the point of making new year’s resolutions one cannot keep? Instead, this year I have decided to focus on “targets”.  A target is a specific achievable asset which is already on sight and not just wishful thinking. Spending energy and resources getting a better aim to the target make it more likely to hit it dead on.  Hitting the target requires planning and careful execution.

The reality is that my targets for the year are not new things I just came up with. Instead, they are things I have already been working on for quite some time. Therefore, I look forward to see them come to reality.

This new year 2013, its all about FOCUS on the TARGETS I plan to hit in all the areas of life.  What about you? What is your strategy?


Unleash Your Awesomeness!

Sergio Gomez


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