Urban Sanctuaries – Chicago artists in their studios

Sergio Gomez interviews Corinna Button in her Zhou B Art Center studio.
Sergio Gomez interviews Corinna Button in her Zhou B Art Center studio.

I should admit that I have always been fascinated with artists’ studios.  Whether it is a suburban basement or an urban warehouse, the studio and its objects become quiet witnesses of a unique human experience we call creativity.  For many, the studio is a quiet isolated world within the urban landscape. Yet, for others, the studio is a communal space where friends come and go and conversations give birth to new ideas. Regardless of the size, lighting conditions, ventilation, location and many other characteristics, I believe an artist studio is a sort of creative sanctuary.

For this reason, I am planning an online project called Urban Sanctuaries that will launch during Chicago Artists Month 2013. Urban Sanctuaries will be a collection of photographs of Chicagoland artists in their studios. The project will also have essays, interviews and other features to highlight some of the most exciting artists studios in Chicago.  More information will be available soon….

In the meantime, check out this amazing studio by Miami based artist Enrique Martinez Celaya.




  1. I can’t wait to see your project. I love artist spaces and seeing how they work. Maybe because I’m an artist as well, I like to see how other people organize their space. You bring up an interesting point of how some spaces are secluded and others are social. Mine is secluded, but always open via instant messenger. It makes me think I should have a really big instant message screen.

    btw, I found your post via @zhoubartcenter’s tweet https://twitter.com/zhoubartcenter/status/299910183231057921

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