Report from Miami. Art Basel Weekend Unfolds

As the weekend unfolds, so does the activity at the Miami Art fairs who have gathered from around the world for Miami Art Basel Week.  To put things in perspective, there are more than a dozen art fairs in Miami plus the enormous Art Basel presence.  Art Basel alone features over 250 galleries. Each other fair has between 60 to 150 galleries. All in all, it is an art overload and a feast for the masses.  Each gallery will try to the very end to fulfill the reason we are all here, to make business.  Let the weekend unfold!!!!

Here are some photos of our premier booth at the entrance of Spectrum/ArtSpot Miami International Art Fair.  I will write a full report of the experience a few days after I recover from this exiting ride.

33 Contemporary Gallery
Booth 115

Spectrum Miami3011 NE 1st Avenue
Miami, FL 33137

Show Hours

Thursday, Dec. 5th / 12pm-8pm
Friday, Dec. 6th / 12pm-9pm
Saturday, Dec. 7th / 12pm-9pm
Sunday, Dec. 8th / 11am-5pm

IMG_2415 IMG_2423 IMG_2429 IMG_2431 IMG_2432 IMG_2435 IMG_2437 IMG_2444 photo 1


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