Five Reasons Why Artists Should Know Photoshop


I probably do not have to make a big argument about why Photoshop is an important tool for the contemporary artist but there are some important reasons to consider. As a Photoshop user and instructor for many years now, I feel that today more than ever, artists need to have a good grasp at what Photoshop can do for them.  Here, I provide five reasons why I believe you should know Photoshop well.

1. Documentation

Do you remember how a few years ago just about everyone needed a web designer to have an online presence? Well, that’s not the case anymore. Now there is WordPress, Tumbler, Wix, SquareSpace and many more. Just about anyone can open a website within minutes. The same is true for an app, a podcast, a YouTube channel, etc. The same is also true for documenting our artwork. The ability to have control over your own images and the way they look is not only important but essential. Do your images accurately represent the work you do?

2. Marketing

Use Photoshop to create all your marketing materials. From laying out a poster for a print run to a simple exhibition announcement for your blog post, artists benefit from having access to the one software that can help you gain maximum control of your many marketing needs. In my Photoshop course, I teach artists how to create an entire marketing campaign that includes a poster, postcard, Facebook event banner, email campaign and more. It is so important to have control of all you marketing elements. You might think this is a tedious task but the reality is that the more you do it, the easier it gets.

3. Editing

Taking a picture of your work is only the beginning. Editing it and making it look its best should be next in your documenting process. Use Photoshop to sharpen an image, balance the highlights and shadows, retouch, straighten, crop, resize, recolor, convert to CMYK, RGB or Grayscale, export, animate, adjust contrast, and much more. Do you know how to accomplish these necessary tasks? I don’t think every artist should be a Photoshop Guru but at least should know how to edit your images to always look the best.

4. Submissions

Have you every applied for an exhibition, submitted a proposal or applied for a residency? If you have, you know that every venue requires a set of images of your work. You may have a strong application and a reason why you should be accepted into one of these opportunities but if your work is not represented in the best possible way, you are already at a disadvantage. Having been in the receiving end of submissions for gallery exhibitions and other projects, I can tell you how many times the photos do not give justice to the original work. Too dark, too light, not straight, glare, blurred are some of the most common mistakes artists make. Particularly, when it comes to 3D art. Sculpture works often are the most challenging to photograph and edit. Knowing the Photoshop tools that can help you make your work as accurate as the original is very important. Look again at your images.

5. You can’t afford not to

Yes, in this day and age, there is no reason why an artist should have bad images. It is inconceivable to me why an artist would submit a great proposal or apply for an important juried show with “ok” image reproductions. If your career is important to you, then your images should always be excellent. Remember the one thing everyone sees before they get a glimpse to encounter your work in person is your images. First impressions are VERY important.

Next Step…

There you have it, five essential reason why I believe every artist should know Photoshop. The problem I find is that sometimes artists can’t find the right resources online to teach them the tools or may not have time to take a college class to learn it. That is why I created an amazing Photoshop training course for artists. Photoshop Basics for Artists Course is a series of video tutorials specifically designed for artists. I only cover what visual artists need to know to get outstanding results. It includes 5 video Modules and 4 additional training bonuses. It’s an awesome course you will always be able to access. It does not expire. Whether you have Photoshop CS4, CS5, CS6, CC or Elements, you can take advantage of this course.

The course is only $95. This is an amazing price worth your investment. A college course would cost you over $400. That’s without adding the many hours in the classroom, commuting time and all the arrangements you have to make if you have children at home. With my course, you can work at your own pace from the comfort of your home or office and use it as your ongoing resource. It is awesome!!!

Click here to learn more and enroll in the Photoshop Basics for Artists!



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