Looking for the art adventure of a lifetime (Art Residencies)?


Guest post by Dr. Yanina Gomez

We bet that you are expecting to read about how to climb the steepest peak on earth Mount Thor in Nunavut, Canada. Or perhaps the tallest waterfall in the world located at Angel Falls, Venezuela. Or maybe you thought we were going to tell you about the most treacherous waters on Earth found on Gansbaai, South Africa where you can dive around humongous sharp-teeth white sharks.

Well, actually, we want to tell you about Artists Residencies since we’ve been asked a few times about this topic. And we think they can be a priceless adventurous learning experience! So, we’ve compiled a list of Artist Residencies for the adventurous mind longing to do something wild and epic without sharp-teeth sharks swimming around you!

By no means we are endorsing any of these residencies. This is for informational purposes only. As the diligent and intellectual artist you are, take time to do your research before you make a decision.

Guide to Artist Residencies:

A Guide to 20 Top Artist Residencies and Retreats Across the United States:

Arts-in-the Parks: http://www.nps.gov/subjects/arts/air.htm

Headlands Center for the Arts: http://www.headlands.org/program/air/ 

Ox Bow School of the Art and Artists’ Residencies: www.ox-bow.org / ox-bow@saic.edu.

Alliance of Artists Communities: http://www.artistcommunities.org/artists

One-year artist studio residency program: http://www.chicagoartistscoalition.org/programs/bolt-residency

Residencies for Emerging Artists: http://www.blouinartinfo.com/news/story/13832/emerging-artists-top-10-residency-programs-around-the-globe

Alliance of Artists Communities: http://www.artistcommunities.org/residencies

Worldwide Record of Artists Residencies: http://www.resartis.org/en/

Residencies Around the Globe: http://www.goethe.de/ges/prj/res/rpr/enindex.htm

Residencies in Europe: http://fineart.about.com/od/Artists-Residencies/tp/a-listing-of-European-artists-residencies.htm

Join the Contemporary Artists Resource Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1440633052916531/

Machaqmara Center for the Arts in Peru: http://www.machaqmara.org

Recommended Podcast on the topic of art residencies: http://www.theartistnextlevel.com/archives/1207 

We hope that you find this list helpful to you or perhaps a fellow artist.

Are residencies something that you would like to explore? Or… have you already completed a residency? Post your comments below. Or, if you have already completed a residency, share your experiences with us.

As always, artists who maintain an optimal wholeness balance (Mind, Body, Soul) will be ahead of the game!


Learn more about Dr. Yanina Gomez and other great resources for artists at www.theartistnextlevel.com 



  1. Art Residencies are the best places to find yourself as an artist and as a person. I highly recommend to take the leap into Art Residences for a chance to create, collaborate, and find new ideas!

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