Finish your year with strong art sales and new collectors


For the last 6 years or so, I have been finishing each year with strong art sales and new collectors in the door. I don’t do art sales, holiday sales, raffles or anything salesy like that. Instead, I prepare myself for the time of the year most people are open to spend their money and give people an “opportunity” to become collectors.

Sales across the board increase exponentially between Thanks Giving Day (Mid November) and Christmas Time. Why don’t you use this opportunity to your advantage?

Ok, so how do I do it? I call it my Fall Small Works Challenge. You got it, I make a series of small works available at lower price points. However, they don’t just sell by themselves. Over the years, I have designed a marketing plan to make it a success… and it works.

In fact, I have collectors who anticipate what I am going to do each year. A couple years ago one collector bought half of my collection to give as presents to his whole family. My own family, friends and other artists also own a piece of my work just because I do this every year.

I’ve had people buy a small work first and then coming back for more or for larger works at a later time. It’s awesome! Over the years, thousands of dollars have come through my door from this small effort alone.

In 2013, I made a series titled ’41 Winters’ leading up to a show event. It sold incredibly well. Not only that, but WBEZ NPR Public Radio like the story of the series so much they featured it as a show not to miss. Check it out here.

The true is, there is a huge segment of the population that can become a collector of your art if you give them the opportunity, the way to do it and your time is just right when they are in the mood to spend. Sometimes we focus on the big collectors and forget anyone with a decent job is a potential collector at the under $500 mark.

So here is the deal, this year I have decided to take my Art NXT Level members on a ride with me to join my Fall Small Works Challenge. I want them to make more sales this year! I will guide them with the following steps.

  • What kind of work sells best.
  • How to price it.
  • How to create momentum.
  • How to make a marketing plan.
  • I will provide weekly updates and steps to follow.
  • Show you how to organize a successful art event.

If you have 30 minutes per week to dedicate to this challenge, you can totally do it!

Do you want to join my challenge and make more sales this Fall? Join the Art NXT Level Membership and be part of my challenge. It is totally worth it.

There are many benefits of becoming a member. This is just one. Click here to learn more about the Art NXT Level Membership. Hurry, doors close September 30th and you will not be able to join again until 2018.


small works challenge

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