The National Wet Paint MFA Exhibition to become a biennial

It will be almost four years since I started the National Wet Paint MFA Exhibition as a way to gauge the medium of painting across the country’s top MFA programs.  When I started the National Wet Paint MFA Exhibition I was not sure of how well it was going to be received by the many American institutions that offer an MFA program in studio painting.  Since the first exhibition at the Zhou B Art Center in 2010, the participation and interest has increased dramatically making it more competitive each year.  One of the many cool things about Wet Paint is that it is in Chicago and submissions are completely FREE. Yes, unlike many other juried shows out there, Wet Paint does not charge any fees to the students for submission or participation.  The Zhou B Art Center and private sponsors support the entire operation.

As I think about its future, I have decided to rename the show the National Wet Paint MFA Biennial. It will now run every two years with the next one taking place on 2014 at its home, the Zhou B Art Center.  The reason behind the change is that most MFA programs take about 2 to 3 years to complete.  By offering the show annually, there are very similar submissions.  I strongly believe this is the right direction to take for this type of exhibition. I am very excited about 2014 and I look forward to offer the best Wet Paint exhibition to date!

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