9th Annual National Self Portrait Exhibition announcement

Sergio Gomez curator of the 7th Annual National Self Portrait Exhibition standing by a painting by Jessica Freudenberg.

The National Self Portrait Exhibition 2013 will take place at 33 Contemporary Gallery from July 19 to August 10, 2013 and will focus on miniature self-portraiture in all media.  Submissions will begin in the Spring 2013.   Works Must not exceed 12″ (inches) in any direction (including frame). Think BIG, make it small.

Next year will be the 9th year since I started this annual exhibition. It has run successfully for almost 10 years now but all good things eventually come to an end. The Annual National Self-Portrait Exhibition will see its final showing in 2014 as it celebrates 10 years.  The 10th Annual will be a “curators choice” exhibition highlighting artists from the last 10 years.

I hope to see many new entries coming in 2013 for the miniature self portraiture exhibition. Next year will be the last chance to enter. Until then, share the news!!!

Sergio Gomez
Curator, National Self Portrait Exhibition

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