Miami Art Basel Weekend. Post 3

This is my third and last post pertaining to my visit to Miami during the Art Basel weekend. If I have to sum it all up in two words, I would have to say that it was “art overload”. There is no way anyone could see everything there is to see during Basel weekend. From the heavy hitters at Art Basel to the octane energized streets of Wynwood and it’s night scene, it’s just a lot to take in. Nevertheless, that should not stop anyone from coming to Miami.

On a personal level, I came back with a lot of contacts, proposal ideas and collaboration projects to follow up in the next few weeks and months for the Zhou B Art Center and 33 Contemporary Gallery. Besides the feast for the eyes and the mind, Basel is a networking platform like not other. I particularly enjoyed the strong presence of many Chicago artists who were exhibiting Miami. I tried my best to visit them all at their fairs. Among them were Saul Agurre, Allen Vandever, Jason David, Hebru Brantley, Kathleen Waterloo, Ginny Sykes, uMays Mayhem, and many others.

So here it is my last day of activities and it’s pictures.

We started at Miami River Art Fair where Mario Gonzalez Jr. ZORE created a live painting inside the art fair. It was part of a collaboration project with other international artists. The collective wall will then travel to Monaco Art Fair in 2013 and continue growing as other artists participate in the project.



My next stop was the monstrous Miami Basel Art Fair. Located in the Miami Beach Convention Center, the fair was a gigantic feast. There was so much to see that became almost impossible to see it all in one day. I did walk through it all but I am sure I missed as much as I saw. The fair offered each gallery’s heavy hitters. There was a lot of good work to be found. However, I noticed an almost complete absence of figurative realism in the entire Basel fair.


















In the end, and as I type this post during my flight (I should be sleeping), it was an exiting trip. While it was great to walk along the high-end art fairs, the independent fairs were fantastic places to find great art, great artist and great prices. Most of them were full of life and energy. I specially enjoyed Select as my top independent fairs. Having said that, my favorite part of each day was immersing myself with the street and urban art scene that my friend and artist ZORE introduced me to while at Basel. The Chicago graffiti artists were so inspiring to me. I enjoyed watching them work and maneuver every night in the busy streets of Wynwood.

To end, here is a great set of picture to honor the one and only ZORE and his wall project in Wynwood. See you in Miami in 2014!!!!!



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