A Conversation Leads to a Collaboration in Baja California Mexico

I am always fascinated on how meaningful collaborations start. In my experience they always start from a basic conversation in which I ask myself “can I work with this person in the long run?” If the answer is “yes”, I purse with a series of questions to gauge the person interest.  Such is the case of 33 Contemporary Gallery’s newest collaboration with the Institute of Culture of Baja California in Tijuana, Mexico.  This collaboration came about during my trip to Miami last December for Art Basel Weekend.  I had a blast, but most important, I was able to make relationships like this one from what started as simple conversations. The result is an exhibition of artists from 33 Contemporary Gallery titled Cultural Symbiosis that will take place at the Institute’s main gallery (see pictures below) from March 8 to June 30, 2013.

How wonderful it is to see beyond our local art bubble and engage in a cultural conversation happening all around us via social media, cultural exchanges and collaborations of all levels.  Thanks to the support and open mind of many individuals, 33 Contemporary Gallery now has strong relationships in Italy, Austria and Mexico with many more to come.  It is an exciting time to be involved in the arts!!!!!

DSC_0653 (1280x849) DSC_0684 (1280x796) DSC_0702 (1280x849) DSC_0886 (1280x849) DSC_0923 (1280x849) DSC_0936 (1280x849) DSC_0946 (1280x849) DSC_0971 (1280x849) HELLOMOTOIDEN

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