Former Wet Paint MFA exhibition winner opens solo show in China


Today in China, former Wet Paint artist Sijia Chen will open an exhibition of black and white works at the Art Museum of Shantou University.  The Shantou University is one of the top art schools in Asia.  Sijia’s exhibition is titled HOME.  After a couple years since she finished her MFA degree at Tyler School of Art, Temple University, Sijia returned to China to produce a new body of work for this exhibition.

Sijia’s works are an explosion of momentary emotions as they recollect the energy of the environment in which they are created. Drawing from her life experiences, the works in the exhibition project a visually recognizable sensitivity that distinguishes the spontaneous art-markings of Sijia Chen.  They evoke a newly crafted reality that appears to embrace an urban landscape.  The speed of time and change come to a seemingly stand still, only for a moment, in the dynamic black and white works that surround the exhibition space.

I met Sijia Chen when I curated the National Wet Paint MFA Exhibition at the Zhou B Art Center in 2011. Since then, we have become good friends. It has been my pleasure to se her grow and embrace a fantastic art journey.  Kudos to contemporary artist Sijia Chen for this accomplishment!!!

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Sijia Chen & Sergio Gomez at the Zhou B Art Center
Sijia Chen & Sergio Gomez at the Zhou B Art Center

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