International artist Petronilla Hohenwarter partners with 3cWear


I am very excited to announce that German artist Petronilla Hohenwarter has partnered with our company 3c Wear to give school supplies to local children in need. School supplies are a big deal for little ones whose parents are not able to provide the basic tools for learning and making art.  We believe every child, regardless of who they are or what economic status they come from MUST have the opportunity to learn. How can they learn properly if they do not have school supplies (rulers, pencils, crayons, erasers, notepads, glue scissors, etc?

To help solve this problem, a number of artists have joined 3c Wear to share their art in our tops. Each artist creates a Limited Edition design based on their personal art and vision using the T-shirt as a canvas and the idea of giving as an inspiration.

The latest artist to join this cause is Petronilla Hohenwarter.  Her exclusive design will only be available until July 7, 2013. The Happiness collection by Petronila Hohenwarter is an awesome way to promote the arts and give school supplies to a local child in need.  Check out Petronilla’s awesome Art Project Happiness at or visit her personal website at

Please help!


Get yours at

Receive $2.00 off your order by using the code: happiness



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