Why I Love to Come to Art Basel Miami Week

As I’m eating a healthy Miami breakfast before heading out to more Art Basel Week, I’m writing this short post.

Everyone that comes to Art Basel comes for a reason; to sell, buy, party, network, write, praise, criticize or just plain curiosity. Apparently there is now a new category, some come to pick a fight and stab someone.

Whatever you make of it, yes there is great art and plenty of it. You have to find it. To say it’s all bad and stupid would be plain ignorance because all you read is what the online art periodicals write about. They all race to cover the same stories of who sold what and what celebrities came around.

Besides the top artists the online magazines rave about and the top galleries the 1% sustain, there are tons of fantastic artists here making art that the newspapers and art magazines don’t want to write about.

You will find them everywhere. You have to look for them. That is why I love to come. I don’t care about the parties of the rich and famous. I want to be where the artists are. The ones that are here hustling and pushing their art career forward. From the ones with big galleries to the guys painting the walls in Wynwood. They are here making it happen.

Besides the 800 private jets that came to Miami’s airports this week (highest ever). There are tons of collectors buying work they love to live with for under $2000. Why nobody writes about them? Because they did not come in a jet. They drove many miles and paid parking fees like everyone else.

The art world is an ecosystem that feeds itself from art school and onward. I believe artists need to learn to make it with or without an art world. If you only depend on it, your future is up to the constant changes of the art world.

Here is my advice, play in the art world but also learn to play outside of it. Create your own ecosystem, educate yourself in business, become entrepreneurial and push forward.


Sergio Gomez


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