ZORE w/SUPRA+MRFAME. The Mexico City Video

ZORE in Mexico City

For the last two years, Chicago based Mario Gonzalez Jr (ZORE). has been working in partnership with me and 33 Contemporary Gallery for a number of local and international projects. Last month, Mario Gonzalez Jr. realized a trip to Mexico making stops at the Institute of Culture in Baja California where he represented the 33 Contemporary during the opening of Cultural Symbiosis. Then, he traveled to Mexico City where he stayed for a few weeks making art and establishing new working relationships. Coming up this year is a solo show at the MIIT MUSEO INTERNAZIONALE ITALIA ARTE in Turin, Italy and a group show at Museo del Chopo in Mexico City among other surprises.

The following video by Supra Footware and Mr Fame documents Mario’s work in DF (Mexico City).  Enjoy!!!



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