Sixty Inches From Center » Art on Armitage:The Bleeding Border (interview)

Armitage Avenue, west of Pulaski is a bustling street, full of small businesses and foot traffic—the perfect place for the window gallery, Art on Armitage. The most recent display/exhibition is the Bleeding Border by artist Sergio Gomez. In it, he uses powerful imagery to raise awareness  of the dangers children face as they cross the border to be reunited with their parents—an important topic as Congress considers legislation that would increase the militarization of the border. Two children’s silhouettes run towards the viewer against a backdrop that highlights the terrifying and dangerous experience of trying to find a new home. Piglet and Minnie Mouse toys are discarded amongst dried branches, viscerally evoking the sense of leaving all comfort behind for the viewers, while also bringing to mind those who are discarded by “coyotes” during the tumultuous crossing.

READ FULL INTERVIEW via Sixty Inches From Center » Art on Armitage:The Bleeding Border.

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