Zhou B Art Center (Chicago) & Bluerider Art (Taipei) Celebrate Art Alliance

During the weekend of September 6 and 7, the Zhou B Art Center in Chicago celebrated a cultural alliance with Bluerider Art Gallery in Taipei, Taiwan. This art alliance will promote the exchange of art and ideas among the east and the west and will provide opportunities for cultural advancement. The partnership was celebrated during the opening of Zhou B Art Center’s artist InJung Oh on September 7th at Bluerider Art in Taipei. Executive Director Michael Zhou and Director of Exhibitions Sergio Gomez were in Taipei for the opening ceremonies.

Bluerider’s Vision:

Bluerider ART represents artists whose works, by means of individual expression, perseverance, and dynamics are representative of the artistic transition of the 21st century yet set a course for the future.  We are dedicated to offering state-of-the-art exhibitions and education to our audience of all levels through engagement with varied yet distinct arts and encouragement and support for artists around the world. Bluerider ART is set to become the international gateway to the world of contemporary art.

Zhou B Art Center’s Vision:

The vision of the Zhou B Art Center is to facilitate the exchange of contemporary art between Chicago and the international art community and promote the convergence of Eastern and Western art forms in the United States.

Highlights from Taipei

From left: Sergio Gomez, Elsa Wang, InJung Oh, Michael Zhou
Bluerider occupies two floors of a downtown business building in the heart of Taipei
Ribbon Cutting ceremony
Live music during Grand Opening celebration
Members of the press attend one of the events
Main entrance at floor level
Dance of dragons as part of the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
InJung Oh Solo Exhibition
Exhibiting artists Emma Hack
Emma Hack Solo Exhibition
Michael Zhou of the Zhou B Art Center and Elsa Wang of Bluerider Art exchange gifts.
Artist Emma Hack an Sergio Gomez
Grand Opening Toast
Elsa Wang of Bluerider Art and Mchael Zhou of the Zhou B Art Center celebrate the new alliance.
Elsa Wang of Bluerider Art and Sergio Gomez of the Zhou B Art Center
Zhou B Art Center’s Director of Exhibitions Sergio Gomez makes a presentation speech
Zhou B Art Center’s Executive Director Michael Zhou makes welcoming speech
Press conference Q/A session.

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