Volossom Universe. Report from Taipei

Today was the first of a series of events hosted by Bluerider Gallery in Taipei, Taiwan. It was a Press Conference on the occasion of InJung Oh’s Volossom exhibition at Bluerider.

The event consisted of speeches from the gallery director Elsa Wang, InJung Oh, Michael Zhou and myself followed by a Q/A session.

In her new exhibition at Bluerider, InJung Oh delivers a poetic visual dichotomy of seemingly contradictory worlds. Flowers, skirts, inverted volcanoes, sexuality, fire, water, sky, day, night, east and west, male and female, power and surrender are but the many symbolic elements in InJung’s world. A world in which the collision of such distinct realities combine to give birth to what InJung Oh calls Volossom. A simple, elegant and ever transforming visual form. Volossom embodies male and female characteristics and with grace and serenity blooms into a beautiful floral form.

As we approach her work, we experience what I call InJung’s Volossom Universe. It is in this new chapter and new body of work that we encounter an ambitious artist pushing the boundaries of a simple form in a search for personal meaning. But the joy is in the journey itself for the destination is still distant. InJung’s Volossom Universe coexists and complements our own.

As we walk into her story, Volossom slowly rains down on us, above us and below us as a gentle form. It is nearly impossible to be an outsider while in front of that vast universe. A place where the impossible becomes reality and the powerful becomes humble.













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