Prak-sis n3wm3dia mini art festival




The Prak-sis n3wm3dia mini art festival is a one day, single evening party-event, celebrating new media artwork created by artists from around the world.  This new media festival is aiming to bridge the gaps between new Technologies and Traditional artistic practices by presenting approximately 50 works of art.The submissions we received have come from artists at different stages of their careers representing diverse cultures, traditions and techniques.  The selections being presented do not represent anyone’s single vision, but the singular visions of several artists.  Some of our artists view the world through a camera lens, some through mathematical symmetries and computer algorithms.  There are pieces utilizing live video, digital painting, 2D animation, 2.5D and 3D.  Our artists are bringing a little fluxus, a little glitch, some psychedelia and pure classical harmonies.  If you come wondering what new media art is? -it is all of this!

We are bringing together this art at LiveLab an exciting live venue in the Chicago River North gallery district where artists, collectors, academics, fanatics and special guests can sample the offerings together with some food and drink, some installation art and a touch of high fashion.  Some slice of this will be captured and streamed to the web.  In a sense this event is interactive in that people at the venue as well as those online can text vote for Best of Show.

Saturday, November 2nd, 2013 7 pm – 11 pm
Dress up*

(5 points per vote at the site/ 1 point for online)
Check our updates! Online VOTE
Food & Drink

!! Meet VIP GUESTS !!



We will also display visual art that impress many generations. Couple of days ago we just got delivered two gorgeous collages on canvas from South Korea that made my heart stop. Photos of these images do not convey the quality of the work. Love to share the appreciation. You have to come to look at Hyunsook Jung’s work!

About 25% of the festival includes visual art/ traditional art practice that still dominate art market for sale. This year Prak-sis N3w M3dia mini Art festival aims to explore the possibility of media art market through the network with art professionals and industry that requires creative artistic presentation with media. Previously mentioned our mission about bridging gaps between generations are critical and can be also fun practice. I have learned from my experience from close family members form young age to elder. Each generation view the world differently and we hope to explore the diversity through Prak-sis N3w M3dia mini art festival.

November 2nd at Suite livelab at 678N. Wells. 

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