Five basic Photoshop tips every artists should know about (includes video links)

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Every month I receive tons of digital images for shows I am curating, catalogs, web and for exhibitions proposals.  I am still surprised as to how many bad images I get which in turn give a bad impression of the photographed art.  In a digital world, artists need to know some basic tips to make their images as close to the actual artwork as possible.  Here are FIVE recommended videos that will help you get your work looking great in the digital realm.  Even if you know what you are doing, it does not hurt watching these great videos.  Enjoy

1. Understand Image Size

2. Sharpen an Image

3. Understand RGB, CMYK, and Lab

4. Use Levels to adjust color, tone, and contrast

5. Correct image perspective

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  1. […] Most likely, in 2015 you will have to manage and prepare your artwork digitally. Therefore, you need to learn the basic ways to edit your files. You need to know how to change image sizes, crop photos, fix color issues, balance the light density and other basic things. Learning the basics will ensure your images always look great. If you want to get started, I will be doing a FREE live webinar on January 7th at 7pm about enhancing your images with Photoshop (CS & Elements). All you have to do is go to and sign up for my free photoshop online webinar. You can also read my post Five basic Photoshop tips every artist should know about. […]

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