Piloto. An Artist Book Worth Adding to Your Library

Piloto | The work of Alfonso Piloto Nieves

An artist book is a wonderful way to document the work and legacy of an artist. I have recommended this to many artists.  If you cannot get a gallery to make one for you, I believe it is a worth while investment in your part to look for other ways to self-publish one.  A little over a year ago, Chicago artist Alfonso Piloto and I sat down in my gallery and talk about the beginning ideas of a book of his work. For the next few months, he focused on the idea and worked really hard to make it possible.  The result of this effort is a beautiful hard cover, full color, beautifully designed, 100 page book documenting his work up to now. I had the privilege to write one of the four essays that accompany this publication. I believe this is an artist book worth having in your collection.

This beautiful 100 page book celebrates the work of Chicago based artist Alfonso Piloto Nieves. Essays by Francisco Piña, Kari Lydersen, Sergio Gomez, and Brenda Bautista. Published by Editorial El Beisman, December, 2013

$25.00 (Free shipping, US only)

BUY IT HERE: http://www.33contemporary.com/book_piloto.html













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