Taking Your Art Career to the Next Level

Today, being a successful artist is much more than making great work in the studio. It requires a level of business savviness, networking ability and technical knowledge like never before.

Being an artist is a fulfilling endeavor yet it can be overwhelming and frustrating at times. How do you advance in the complicated world of art? How do you manage your career in a way that makes sense while focusing on your next step rather than trying to do everything at once? Do you feel art school did not teach you how to profit as an artist? In a rapidly changing world, you need to be adaptable, strategic and smart about your career.

In this presentation, I will provide practical advice to advance your art career to the Next Level. Whether you are a student or an established artist, there are steps you can make to improve your art career. Because not two artists are alike, this presentation will help you tailor your path and introduce you to a number of possible starting points. At the end, you decide what your Next Level is at the moment and how you are going to pursue it. This systematic but logically organic approach will keep you moving forward one step at a time for years to come.

From setting up goals, organizational advice to marketing strategies, contemporary artists need all the tools they can get to be effective. As an established artist, gallery owner, curator, designer, and with a “go-do-it-yourself” attitude, Sergio brings proven and insightful information to help you navigate in and out of the competitive world of art.

Find out more information at: http://www.33contemporary.com/NextLevel.html

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