Save the Chicago Art Magazine Archive!

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If you were part of the Chicago art community between 2009 and 2012, you may remember the Chicago Art Magazine website. It was an online magazine founded by Kathryn Born. As a gallerist, curator and artist, I always found support by this online site and value in its rich content.  When it was about to close, I had just curated Chicago’s Twelve at the Zhou B Art Center and they helped me promote the show and make it visible to a wider Chicago audience.  The site is a valuable Chicago archive that MUST stay available for the public.  Please take a moment and support their IndiGogo funding campaign. At the moment of this post, the goal was 93% reached. However, much more can be done if we pass the mark!!!  So please, share the love and make a contribution to keep the Chicago Art Magazine available online for years to come.

Here is why they need our help…

Chicago Art Magazine has survived a malware attack but may not survive the next one. 

Chicago Art Magazine ( was the most widely viewed visual art news source in Chicago between 2009-2012. After it closed in 2012, all 1,000+ articles remained online. Last month, the site went down due to a malware attack. Interestingly, it was the critics, artists, influencers and gallerists who noticed the problem – a testament to how valuable the articles in the archive are.

It cost several hundred dollars to restore. It will need nearly a thousand dollars over the next two years to update and protect the suite of websites from the new attacks that are created every day. Chicago Art Map ( is also at risk, but a more complex site to support, so our stretch goal will include an audit of that software utility.

Learn more, donate and show your support at:



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