At 43, What I have Learned about the Business of Art 


Well, this is my birthday post. Around this time last year, I wrote “At 42, Seven Lessons I have Learned About the Art World.” As I celebrate my number 43rd, I am sharing a new personal post. Forty-two was an incredible ride for me. It symbolized the culmination of some things, the transition of others and the beginning of new ones. For example, we celebrated the 10th year anniversary of 33 Contemporary Gallery. We also celebrated the 10th year anniversary of the Zhou B Art Center (read my post about it here). Artistically, my studio work also advanced with shows in Grand Rapids, Minneapolis, Chicago, Nashville and Turin, Italy. Probably one of the highlights of the year was seen my wife Dr. Yanina Gomez move from the field of psychology to the field of fine art (read her interview here).

I am blessed to have a fruitful career as gallery owner, curator, artist, designer, educator and entrepreneur. There is something exciting about starting something new and seeing it grow to its potential. Along the way, I have encountered many obstacles and gotten discouraged more than once. However, I believe every morning is a new beginning and an opportunity to get up and try it all over again knowing that we wake up wiser than the day before. Life struggles have a way to strengthen our resilience if we are wise enough to create an opportunity out of it.

At 43, I have learned that the business of art is one of the biggest mysteries that only a few artists are really prepared to engage. I have learned that if CEOs would run their business the way mosts artists run their art businesses, they would fail miserably within a month. Ever since I opened my gallery ten years ago, I have enjoyed coaching and helping artists with their own art careers. It is in my nature to want to see artists make the best choices for their future. There is nothing worst than seeing a talented artist confused and frustrated about his/her career. It really bothers me deeply. It breaks my heart because I believe that when one artist wins, we all win in some way or another. Over the years, I have enjoyed the opportunity of working with hundreds of artists from emerging ones to world renown artists such as the Zhou Brothers. I have traveled abroad and have established a wide network of amazing people.

As I work and learn, I have realized that it is time for me to share with the art community everything I have learned and what I know works today. It is a different world to those who established their careers in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. New realities need new approaches. In the last ten years, I have seen the art world change right before my eyes. It is not what it used to be. Some people find it disturbing. I see it as a golden opportunity for artists to take control of their own careers.

My wife and I have created an organic, scalable and ambitious program called “Take Your Artistic Career to the Next Level.” Its mission is to provide tools, resources, business strategies, marketing ideas, and practical advice to help contemporary artists manage and advance their art careers. My personal goal is to share information in a positive way and make it accessible for artists. I am so excited about this program because I know it will be part of my legacy for the future. I can spend hours coaching artists one-on-one. However, I can reach out a much larger audience with the same time investment through technology. As a result, more artists will benefit and find their Next Level of success.

As I begin my 43rd year, I am so excited about sharing what my wife and I have learned about the business and professional practice of art and psychology so that you can walk ahead with confidence and with a focused strategy.  To learn more about Take Your Artistic Career to the Next Level, sign up for it in this link Click Here to Subscribe or visit my website at www.takethenextlevelcom. There are so many exciting parts to be deployed in 2015, including on-site workshops, free and paid online webinars, free podcasts, online resources and much more.  You don’t want to miss it!!

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