Facing Your Biggest Fears with Dr. Gomez


In this episode, Sergio Gomez speaks with psychologist Dr. Yanina Gomez about the nature of our fears. Dr Gomez offers practical advise to artists about facing their fears in a healthier manner.

Dr. Yanina Gomez practiced school psychology for 12 years and taught courses in higher-education institutions in the areas of psychology and counseling among others. She has observed how art has the potential to affect the emotions, psychological states and mood of people. Her insight and understanding of the psycho-emotional issues many artists experience has given her an open window into practical resources artists need to deal with their art careers in a healthier and balanced manner.  In collaboration with her husband Sergio, she enjoys developing seminars, programs and resources that are relevant to thriving contemporary artists. She is a mother of two children, has a betta fish and totally loves theatre.


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