The Hybrid Worlds of Robert Porazinski at the Evanston Art Center


Standing in front of Robert Porazinski’s work provides the viewer a window into an energetic and fascinating world mixed with fantasy and reality. Although plants, birds, trees, water, clouds and other forms of recognizable natural life are visible in his paintings, such organic forms are interlaced with dynamic mechanical and manufactured structures. It is as if the world as we know it has ultimately been assimilated into an fictional mechanical one.

This futuristic view enables us to capture an intriguing yet seductive aesthetic of a transforming environment. In a world that consistently changes and evolves, the works of Robert Porazinski act as futuristic vessels transporting our sense of place and space into a hybrid universe that mysteriously continues to transform before our eyes. Each work entices us to experience one’s reality within the context of a voyeuristic future. Similarly to the Futurists of the early 20th Century, these works foresee a future highly influenced by technological advancement. Although modernity and our way of life then and now have changed considerably, the new realities of current technological advancement have removed any doubt that such imaginary world may soon be a normality of life.

Acting as hybrid winged creatures, the seemingly robotic feathered structures in Porazinski’s work, fly and dwell within an undisclosed habitat. All we see is a fragment of the creature and a glimpse of its dynamic movement. By deconstructing our ordinary world into small fragmented systems, Porazinski reveals the hidden reality of a broken ecosystem. Not only we pollute senselessly but we also deny nature its ability to heal itself. Entangled by our own dismay, these paintings remind us of the fragility and vulnerability of the world we inhabit.

Despite the complex quality of the Multiplex paintings and the surreal attributes of the scenarios, one encounters a glimpse of light and strangely positive energy revealed in each work. Therefore, instead of threatening us, each painting welcomes and invites us to discover and imagine a possible future not too far away from us.

Sergio Gomez
Artist | Curator | Creative Entrepreneur

About the Exhibition

Evanston Biennial Jurors Select Noelle Allen, Robert Porazinski & Jennifer Yorke for Solo Shows

The works on view find inspiration from the natural world, yet the artists are not content to end their explorations with mere representation. Allison Peters Quinn, Director of Exhibition & Residency Programs at the Hyde Park Art Center and Sergio Gomez, Gallery Director of 33 Contemporary Gallery at Zhou B. Art Center selected these three Chicago artists from last year’s Biennial exhibition. This special exhibition featuring the work of Noelle Allen, Robert Porazinski and Jennifer Yorke will be exhibited in our galleries from March 15 through April 26, 2015.


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  1. Robert,
    Wonderful show and review. We were out to town for the last several days. Would definitely want to come to see the work in person.

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