Immortality and Vulnerability come to the Zhou B Art Center

Immortality and Vulnerability FB AD

For the last three years, Didi Menendez (Poets and Artists Magazine) and myself (Zhou B Art Center), have gathered a star line-up of realist painters and poets from across the country (and a few from abroad) for a month-long exhibition at the expansive second floor gallery of the Zhou B Art Center. The exhibition is accompanied by a Poets and Artists Publication issue devoted to the theme of the show.

This year is no exception!  I am really excited to be working with Didi Menendez once again for this exhibition titled Immortality and Vulnerability.

Curated by Sergio Gomez (Zhou B Art Center) and Dulce Menendez (Poets and Artists Magazine)

Exhibition Dates: April 17 to May 9, 2015

Opening Reception: Friday, April 17 from 7 to 10 pm.

Although immortality and vulnerability are two seemingly opposite or contradictory concepts, often, they have played a parallel role in the art and literature of ancient cultures. One such example can be found in the mythological tale of Achilles. Achilles was a Greek hero of the Trojan War and the greatest warrior of Homer’s Iliad. Although consider a great warrior, legends state that Achilles was invulnerable in all of his body except for his heel. Therefore, Achilles story embodies both concepts. In this exhibition, the invited artists and poets have been asked to reinterpret the idea of immortality and vulnerability in a personal, psychological or social manner and provide the viewer with a contemporary glimpse into an age old concept.

Javier Chavira For Frida Oil over tempera with acrylic on translucent Plexiglas with transparent yellow plexiglas, 42″ round

Artists and Poets

Debra Balchen
Mario Robinson
Chris Leib
Reiner Hansen
Michelle Doll
Angela Hardy
Jeff Bess
Yuki Toy
Timothy Robert Smith
James Needham
Aneka Ingold
Riva Lehrer
Claire Girodie
John Walker
Cesar Santos
Nick Ward
Matthew Cherry
Victoria Selbach
Nadine Robbins
Ryan Shultz
Rory Coyne
Matthew Hittinger – Poetry
John Korn – Poetry
Grace Cavalieri – Poetry
Geffrey Davis – Poetry
Kathleen Rooney – Poetry
Vincent Katz – Poetry
Geof Huth – Poetry
Ron Androla – Poetry
Daliah Ammar
Deborah Scott
Brian Busch
Joyce Polance
Cindy Bernhard
Zachari Logan
Cesar Conde
Denis Peterson

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