The Secrets of a Killer Exhibition Proposal Revealed


As a curator, I have received wonderful, horrible and everything in-between exhibition proposals over the years. Do you know what was the worst exhibition proposal I’ve ever received?  It came on an envelope with a couple photos and a note that read like this: “Dear Mr. Gomez, here is my art, let’s make lots of money.”

It made me laugh loud and hard. Then, I realized that the sender was actually expecting to get an opportunity. The submission sure had my attention for a brief moment, but failed to deliver any real value.  Do you know how to create a killer exhibition proposal that delivers valuable content? In my years in the art business, I have learned a lot about this topic. I have also done extensive research and talked with a number of colleague curators about what makes a good proposal.

As a result, I came up with the webinar “Seven Steps to Creating a Killer Exhibition Proposal.” In this webinar, I reveal the secrets and the steps to creating an amazing exhibition proposal. You can use these steps to submit your curatorial ideas to art centers, museums, non-for-profit galleries, colleges, universities and other professional venues.

If you would like to take part of this FREE online webinar, just click HERE and claim your spot.  I’ve already facilitated this webinar in the past weeks. The feedback has been awesome and artists from various places and levels are going to apply these ideas for future submissions. Guess what? They are already ahead of the game! Amazingly, in the last couple webinars, artists from Chicago, Texas, Minnesota, DC, Wisconsin, Florida, Germany, Canary Islands, Canada, Ireland and other places have joined us.

So, what are you waiting for? Join me this Friday, May 1st at 1pm (Chicago, Central Time). The webinar is FREE!  It’s online and you can watch it from your home computer, laptop or mobile device. Perhaps you are busy that day. No worries! Sign up anyway and you will be able to watch the recording that will be available during the next four days.  The only thing is that you will miss the live Q&A session.  Other than that, it’s all good. I am committed to spread the word about this and help artists create killer exhibition proposals. Please helps me share the word…


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  1. Sergio, I listened closely to this podcast and even with 25 years in marketing/branding, it was invaluable to learn about the killer exhibition proposal. In fact, I adapted the principles to pitch a poetry event for a local university and they are very interested! You provide the industry knowledge that it takes a million mistakes to learn. Thank you.

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