North, South, East, West meet in Ed Paschke & Zhou Brothers Art Exchange

Ed Paschke and Zhou Brothers

One of my early influences as a young art student was artist Ed Paschke. His work ethic, approachability and life inspired many artists from my generation. I remember having his posters and catalogs within reach in my university studio. After 10 years of his death, his name continues to be a synonymous to Chicago and his legacy is well documented beyond the city of his life. Aside from this personal note, it is to no surprise to learn about the friendly and respectful relationship the Zhou Brothers shared with Ed Paschke. In the early years of the Zhou Brother’s arrival to Chicago, Ed shared his friendship and support for the brothers. This early gesture quickly developed into a relationship of respect and admiration for each other’s work. The relationship that expanded for over 30 years left a strong impact in both Ed and the Zhou Brothers.

Celebrating their spirit of friendship and exceptional contribution to Chicago and the art world, The Zhou B Art Center and the Ed Paschke Art Center will collaborate in an unprecedented art exchange between north and south side and east and west cultures.  Journey to Art: Ed Paschke, Zhou Brothers will be a simultaneous exhibition featuring Ed Paschke’s celebrated works at the Zhou B Art Center and a selection of important Zhou Brothers’ works at the Ed Paschke Art Center.

We invite the Chicago art community to join us in this special celebration.

Ed Paschke show opens Friday, June 19th at the Zhou B Art Center, 7:00 – 10:00 PM.

The Zhou Brothers show opens Sunday, June 21st at the Ed Paschke Art Center.

See you around town!

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