Why frustration is scarier than _____!


Guest Post by Dr. Yanina Gomez

A few weeks ago, we had an opening at our gallery. During the event, an artist came to us completely frustrated and upset about his overall art career. He has recently graduated with his MFA and has applied to a few art shows. For a few weeks, he heard from no one.

He is not the first artist coming to us sharing his feelings of frustration. This seems to be a common issue, at least, among many artists we know. I bet you want to know what we told him… or maybe not. If you do, here it is…

We told him…. (drum rolling please)

Be patient, realistic and diligent!

It takes time to build an art career. Overnight success is overrated and very random!

Sergio expanded by saying “I personally prefer and enjoy a career that is constantly pointing me upward than a quick rush to the top. And… the lessons I learned along the way are priceless!”

Just recently, we received an email from him letting us know that his artwork was accepted in one of the shows!! Oh, yeah!!!

If you are serious and committed to your art career, view it as such! Begin by setting goals. Think ahead and create an action plan. Where do you see yourself and your art career 5 or 10 years from now? What do you need to do right now to get there? These are the type of questions that you should constantly be exploring.

As you plan ahead, be open and aware of opportunities that may arise along the way. Take some time to analyze every opportunity that presents itself. Not everything out there is legitimate or worth your time, effort and money.

Don’t give up… be patient and persistent! Just stick out your chin
and grin, and say… Oh (wait, that’s Tomorrow, the theme song for the movie Annie which our daughter sings over and over, and over… every day and night!). You get our point!

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