STRATEGY. Why Artists Need It!


Strategy is more than a fashionable word. I define strategy as the understanding the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. Understanding implies that you know the gap between those two points and know how to close it.

Sometimes we confuse having a strategy with having a plan. In fact, they are two very different animals. In How to Avoid a Strategy Fail (Fast Company), Marc McNeilly says “JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE A PLAN DOESN’T MEAN THINGS CAN’T GO WRONG. IN FACT, THERE ARE A LOT OF WAYS THEY MIGHT.” A good strategy needs to look at the pitfalls, as well as, the achievable outcomes.

Businesses spend a fortune mastering the art of strategy. Often, they rely on consultants who can bring an objective view into the planning. Most strategy sessions that occur with high leadership of corporations revolve around a team of people such as board members, senior leadership, managers, owners or other stakeholders.  Strategy is rarely decided alone by one person. Why? because strategy is so crucial that it needs a community of minds working at it to be really successful.

So, what about artists? Should we strategize? Absolutely!!!  Failure to do so would be like the business who just opens its doors and hopes for the best. It does not look at the economy, the outlook, the finances, the location, etc. It’s just whatever happens, happens. It may work for some folks, but not very often.

How do we create strategy? I have often felt that strategy is a solitary endeavor for us artists. It becomes challenging, overwhelming, and frustrating. Sometimes we just don’t know where to start. We know what we want but not how to achieve it. Perhaps, it’s because we do not have the tools to do so. If we do not have anyone to brainstorm with and bounce hard ideas back and forth, it’s just not conducive to realistic and objective outcomes. The act itself is daunting and therefore often we just focus on goal setting and hope for the best.

What if there was a mastermind group where this so important task could take place. A place where focused discussions and action driven planning come about?

For that reason, we have created the Art NXT Level Strategic Group. An online membership community providing professional advice, strategic guidance and a supportive international network to help you experience success in your art career.

Our goal is that you close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. That is STRATEGY!

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