4 Mistakes to Avoid When Setting Goals for Your Art Career


As 2017 approaches, it is a new opportunity to plan and think about goals for the new year. Personally, I don’t do New Year’s resolutions. I prefer to plan much earlier and start the year ready to roll. Throughout the years, I have noticed a few common mistakes people often make that we should avoid as we set our goals for the new year. By the way, I created a fantastic tool you can download for free to help you set, manage and track your artistic goals.  Click HERE to download it.

1. Goal is too general or not specific enough

Often times a goal may be just too general and hard to follow or measure its progress. A good goal should have specificity such as “I want to apply to 4 residency programs in my area within the next 6 months.”  This is a more clear and specific goal than just saying “I want to complete a residency program this year.” You are able to track your progress and accomplishments when you are specific and set deadlines.

2. No plan of action

Setting a goal is a powerful step yet if you want to accomplish your goals, developing a solid plan of action and executing it must follow. Executing the plan to achieve the goal is where most people fall flat on their face. I know this from personal experience since I’ve been there in the past. A goal without a plan is like a car without an engine. You can push the car around for so long before you realized you are not getting too far. Next Level goals can be quite overwhelming. Before stress begins to cloud your drive and intentions, break your Next Level goal into small doable actions or micro-goals. As you accomplish each micro-goal, you’re getting closer to achieving your Next Level goal. That is the only way to achieve a goal of this magnitude.

3. Trying to accomplish too many things at once

One of the biggest reasons people stop working toward achieving their goals is because the work associated with achieving them is intense and overwhelming. Trying to conquer your goals without making room in your already saturated schedule is a recipe for disaster. Instead, think about priorities – which decisions or actions will lead to achieving your goals? What are you doing now that can be let go or set aside temporarily so you can open space on your schedule to do this.

4. Seek help

The truth is that whatever your goals are, chances are someone out there has already tried it, done it, and perhaps even written about it. I believe in the power of experience. Why making the same old mistakes that someone already made? Instead, seek advice, help, guidance or feedback from those who have already walked the walk. Yes, asking is not always easy to do and often involves an expense. There may be a book you need to buy, a course to take or a lunch with someone you may need to cover. Whatever it is, look at your goals and think about who you need to reach out. Word of caution, do not expect everything for free. Some things cost money but the results can be life transforming.

There’s a lot more I can talk about but here you have 4 things to avoid when setting your goals. To assist you in achieving your goals in 2017, I have designed a free downloadable tool for you. The Goal Setting and Progress System for Artists was developed by Dr. Yanina Gomez, a mindset expert and myself, an artist. There is no charge for it. Simply download, print and use. It also comes with a free video training on how to optimize this system. Check it out and make 2017 your best year ever!


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