Increase Your Exhibition Opportunities by Creating Smart Strategies

It is no secret that EXPOSURE is essential to get more attention, recognition and increase sales. But how do you create exhibition opportunities for your art career? Isn’t it just making the work enough? Unfortunately, that is not enough. You can wait for opportunities to knock at your door or you can be proactive and focused to increase opportunities for yourself.

As curator of many shows nationally and internationally and gallery owner, I am in the position of providing opportunities for exposure for many artists. Over the years, I have learned that there are things you can do to make yourself more visible to curators and galleries. Being active in social media is the obvious one. More than just being active, having a strategy makes the whole difference. Artists who are focused on one or two social outlets and are consistent with their postings end up getting a lot more attention than those who are just random in their postings.

I know of a number of artists who have found great exhibition opportunities from social postings using the right hashtags and being successful at consistency. In fact, when I plan shows, I first go to social media to see what’s happening and what’s new from the artists I follow. Sometimes I discover a new artist I had not seen in the past. That is how it works. If I like the work then I look for their website but social is the entry point for me and many other curators.

Creating a strategy (not just random posting) for social is just one thing you can do to stay visible to the people you want to see your work.

As an artist there are a handful of proven strategies I personally use to increase my exhibition opportunities. These have landed me over 150 (non-jury) exhibitions in 8 different countries over the years. I have learned to be proactive and follow these strategies which continue to work for me and I know can work for you.

For this reason, I have created a brand new FREE webinar to share the top strategies I have learned to increase your exhibition opportunities. I will share my current strategy to land important solo shows overseas for the next couple years.

I invite you to join my 45 minute+QA webinar and just hear what I have to say. Somethings you may be doing already and somethings may be new. Anything we can all do to get better at what we do is a gain in the direction to our next level.

My LIVE webinars are always fun and filled with real practical advice you can actually use right away! Ask me your questions live. All you need is a computer or mobile device to join. Watch from the comfort of your home or studio.

FREE BONUS: Access complimentary Art NXT Level online video course just for attending.

Click to LEARN MORE:

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