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Still inspired

Hey friends, you are invited to join me for CONNECTIONS. Four amazing Chicago choreographers have selected 4 of my paintings as an inspiration to create 4 unique performances with a cast of talented dancers. There will be only TWO live performances. I will discuss my work at the end of the performance.

February 2 and 3 at 7:30pm.
Location: Dovetail Studios, 2853 West Montrose Ave., Chicago.

STILL Inspired

Still Inspired (?)​​ is a dance performance showcasing the inspirations of multiple independent dance and visual artists. With four pieces and four choreographers, the performance attempts to share visions within the realm of art between “still” and “live.”
Still Inspired (?) also questions our current societal views of art as an outlet for creation, enlightenment, and education. With ever-changing advancements and a growing want for immediate satisfaction, can we still be inspired by the patience and virtue of art as an alternate means of communication?

Still Inspired is a production of Laura Thurston. Space is very limited.

Get your TICKETS at:



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