On the Next Level: W.S. Cranmore

On the Next Level is a series of interviews that features artists of the Art Nxt Level academy. The artists share their stories of how the academy has impacted their careers as well as share the exciting projects they have been working on. These artists have made the most of their experience and have taken their careers to the next level.

Today’s artist feature is painter W.S. Cranmore. None of the images pictured in this article are part of the series in his upcoming exhibition.

What is the inspiration behind the pieces that will be shown in the Ambient exhibit?

Cranmore: Thank you for that question. The series will actually be an online release very much inspired by Sergio’s past online art series releases. I paint to music because it’s a great vehicle for unlocking creativity. Ambient music in particular, really connects with my creative process. Probably because it’s kind of like the musical equivalent to abstract expressionism. Most Ambient music has no lyrics, no beat, and no strong melodies.  Since some of my most inspired work was created to Ambient music, I wanted to focus in on it and the connection to my art.

What was your process like making these pieces?

Cranmore: Each piece in the 10 painting series is inspired by and created to a specific Ambient music artist.  The process for each starts by blocking out all sound completely. I would even put in ear plugs to accomplish this. From there I take several minutes in a light meditative state focusing on images, patterns, and colors I’m seeing. I begin painting, still in a no sound stage, trying to connect with those images and bring them out to the painting. When I feel I have a good base started, I then put on an Ambient music playlist of various artists and continue painting. The hope is a particular song will connect with the work and start the stage. When that happens it’s magical. It makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up! There’s no doubt the music is meant to go with that painting.   I switch from the various artist playlist to that Ambient artist’s music specifically, who I will then listen to for the duration of the painting’s creation.

When did you discover the Art Nxt Level Academy and how has it been able to give an edge to your art career?  

Cranmore: I came across Sergio on Instagram sometime back and followed him. He seemed like he understood quite a bit about the art business and I might be able to pick up some tips from his posts. I watched many episodes of the ‘Breakfast with Sergio’ series and discovered Art Next Level. Being a member is invaluable to my goals. I’ve learned a great deal about the little things that don’t get discussed much, but actually have a big impact on one’s career. As I go forward I certainly do so with more confidence.

What about the way you approach your art career has changed since joining the academy?

Cranmore: I now recognize my career as a business. All artists just want to make art, right? You can do that, perfectly fine, but if one hopes to achieve goals such as sales, gallery showings, etc. a workable and effective knowledge of the art business is necessary. That was an eye opener for me.

Do you have any additional thoughts or comments you would like to share concerning exhibit or Art Nxt Level?

Cranmore: I would like to say hello and thank you to the incredible artists of Art Next Level Academy.  Every single person is supportive, encouraging, and adds to the community.  Great folks! Sergio and Dr. Yanina Gomez could not be more supportive. They truly want to see us succeed and go out of their way to help make it happen, big thank you to them both!

Art Nxt Level is made up of artists from all over the world. Where are you located?

Cranmore: I reside in the great town of Milwaukie, OR. Just outside of Portland. It’s a beautiful area and great community.

To see more of Cranmore’s work visit his social media following the links below. For any inquires, reach out to him at this email: wscranmore@gmail.com



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