Conversation with Sally Ko  #StopAAPIHate Online Show

By Anes Lee

#StopAAPIHate Voices is a collection of interviews that feature artists from the online exhibition #StopAAPIHate: The Voices Behind the Movement. The artists share some insight into how the movement has impacted them and their art, as well as shed some light on their own personal journeys as creators.

This interview features gifted Seoul-born and Chicago-based artist, Sally Ko.

How did you get your start as an artist? What made you want to start making art? 

It was very natural for me from the start, as a young child I loved to draw and color, make things and think outside the box. I was never good at academics, and I always found art as a way of self-expression and connection with people.

How would you describe your overall collection of works? Do they fall under a particular style or medium?

Presently, my medium is large abstract painting, sculpture, and installation work. I like to take traditional and non-traditional materials and create a fluid yet controlled kind of surface or space.

Do you have any inspirations or favorite artists? 

I get inspiration from many artists and relate to many of their thoughts. Currently, I’m interested in Louise Bourgeois and her installation work.


How do you think the works you submitted for the show tie in with the #StopAAPIHate campaign? Were there any particular messages you wanted to convey? 

All my work relates to the theme. I was lost in translation, immigrating to the US as a young child, facing language barriers, cultural differences, and discrimination. My abstract technique is similar to the struggle I have describing my story to others.

What advice would you give emerging artists or people thinking of getting into art?

Keep your mind open, experiment continuously. Master your medium and don’t pay attention to what others are doing. Be able to talk about your work, everyone has a unique and important story. People are interested!

Connect with Sally:

Instragram: @sallykoart 

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