Why in the world did we start 3c Wear?

Sometimes I wake up in the morning and ask myself, why in the world did we (my wife and I) started 3c Wear LLC?  It is not like we did not have anything else to do. In fact, this year has been the busiest one for me. Managing shows in Chicago and abroad plus teaching and making my own art take up a big chunk of my time and energy. Starting  a new business venture from the ground up was not exactly the first thing in my mind. However, it does not take long for me to ask the real question “what if we never did?  What if we did not care?”  That is a question we could not live with.  Living to consume is more internally consuming than fire itself.

After 2 years of planning and talking about it, my wife, my children and myself decided to ride the wave of social entrepreneurship by starting a for-profit company with a philanthropic mission to give school supplies and school uniform to local children in need.  In a way, identifying the need around our community is more difficult than the foreign need we see on TV. Yes, there are many great causes around the world worth supporting but there is also real need in many of our own neighborhoods.  I see it often with my wife who is in the front lines working with school age children.  Sure we cannot solve all problems but we can make a difference in at least one.

We decided to act on what we love: children, education and art.   As a result we started 3c Wear LLC (www.3cwear.com). An online company that now gives school supply kits to local children in need for every single product we sell. We collaborate with local and international artists to create unique designs for our clothing line and support our cause.  It is a simple formula, every limited edition T-shirt gives a school supply kit.

We have collected 80+ school supply kits and are looking forward to reaching our goal of 500 school supply kits by years end.  We have already started giving school supplies in Hammond, Indiana and will continue giving to our local communities who need it the most.  All this thanks to people who care.  It is really not as much about the T-shirts as it is about the giving.  The tees are the tool by which we facilitate and sustain the giving.  By the way, they are really good looking tees!!!!

The truth of the matter is that, yes, I am working more than ever. My “to do” list is longer than ever. The phone calls and emails to respond are growing daily.  However, in the midst of such busyness resides the basic question “what if we never did started 3c Wear?”.   Well, I am glad INSPIRATION and FAITH are two powerful weapons against complacency and I am thankful for those who have decided to join our cause and see more than a great looking t-shirt. They see the power to give and to have a positive effect in a local child’s life.   That is something bigger than consumption!

If you would like to support our cause, purchase a T-shirt from 3cWear.com and share us with your network of friends.  If you don’t want or cannot afford a tee, you can give us a “like” in Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/3cwear and recommend us to all your friends.

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