Cultural Symbiosis

This Friday March 15 opens an exiting dual exhibition titled Cultural Symbiosis. Miles apart from each other, these exhibits are connected by the title, the concept and the artists who take part in them. 33 Contemporary Gallery continues to embrace international collaborations and projects that establish cultural relationships and create a visual dialog across borders. Unlike the financial focus of art fairs, these projects are about the language of art and culture as a vehicle for cultural engagement and networking.

Cultural symbiosis is an art exhibition both in at 33 Contemporary Gallery and the Instituto de Cultura de Baja California in Tijuana, Mexico presenting a selection of artists who are part of 33 Contemporary Gallery in Chicago. During the last nine years, 33 Contemporary Gallery has evolved from a small group of four artists into an artist-driven gallery space and community composed of thirty-three artists. 33 Contemporary Gallery provides diverse opportunities for self-exploration, enrichment and professional growth via collaborations with local and international artists, as well as other galleries and art institutions around the world. Cultural Symbiosis brings forward the collective spirit of community of these artists while demonstrating the individuality and force of their artistic voices. Cultural Symbiosis will present artists of diverse cultural backgrounds including Chinese, Italian, Irish, German, African-American, Korean, Philippine, Mexican, and American.


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