Learn Basic Photoshop Color Correction Skills


Remember the days when all you need was a good 35mm camera, good lights and a tripod to get color accurate slides of your artwork?  Now in the digital age, artists need a whole new set of digital skills to make their work look as good as possible.  Every artist should know the basic Photoshop skills to color correct, straighten, crop, tilt, rotate, skew, dodge, burn and save options. Artists should know the difference between RGB and CMYK as well as how to save their images for web and print formats. I am surprise to see how many artists submit bad images of their work for gallery review. Often, they misrepresent an otherwise excellent work.

If you would like to learn basic Photoshop color corrections skills, come to my workshop this Saturday, March 23rd at the Zhou B Art Center as part of Family Day Workshop. Come along, bring your laptop or just come to take notes.  This and many other 45 minute workshops will be FREE to everyone who wants to come. Check it out online at http://zhoubartcenter.com/march-23rd-family-day/


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