Fixation. An exhibition of Art and Poetry


For the last two years, I have been collaborating with PoetsArtists Magazine’s editor Dulce Menendez to curate an thematic exhibition and publication . Last year, we co-curated a show titled “From Motion to Stillness”.  This year, we are at it again with a new exhibition to open at the Zhou B Art Center on April 18th.

Fixation is an exhibition and a publication of art and poetry focused on the physical/psychological preoccupation or obsession over an object or subject. The exhibition explores the subject of fixation as a continuos and elusive preoccupation of our human experience through written and visual art. The curators invited 24 artists and 17 poets to create works based on their understanding and perception of the theme of fixation. The result is a group exhibition including painting, drawing, photography and poetry. Each work brings light to the artist’s own preoccupations unearthed by his/her personal fixations.

Fixation takes place in a gallery setting, print and digital formats. The exhibition is curated by Sergio Gomez of Chicago’s Zhou B Art Center ( and Didi Menendez of PoetsArtists Magazine (

OPENING: Friday, April 18 from 7 to 10 pm
Zhou B Art Center, Second Floor

Terri Thomas
Brianna Angelakis
Rory Coyne
Matthew Cherry
Ryan Shultz
Eloy Morales
Denis Peterson
Lauren Levato Coyne
Nick Ward
Patrick Earl Hammie
Miranda Graham
Harry Sudman
Marcos Raya
Ernesto Marenco
Karen Kaapcke
Jennifer Koe
Ivonne Bess
Cesar Santos
Daena Title
Nadine Robbins
Tracy Stuckey
Brian Busch
Daniel Ochoa
Jaime Valero

Sarah Blake
Ana Menendez
Ken Taylor
Richard Blanco
Tara Betts
Grace Cavalieri
Kathleen Kirk
Terry Lucas
Denise Duhamel
Nin Andrews
Reb Livingston
Sam Rasnake
Amy Serrano
Geof Huth
David Krump
John Korn
Emma Trelles

Miranda Graham, A Case of Living, oil on canvas, 5x5 feet
Miranda Graham, A Case of Living, oil on canvas, 5×5 feet
Brianna Angelakis, Florimania, oil on canvas, 16x20 inches
Brianna Angelakis, Florimania, oil on canvas, 16×20 inches

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