Friday, March 21 Openings and Events at the Zhou B Art Center

There are a number of openings and events this Friday, March 21st at the Zhou B Art Center in Chicago’s Bridgeport.  Hope to see you there…


Zhou Brothers: American Period

Zhou B Gallery – First Floor 
Zhou Brothers: American Period” presents a selection of works from the 1990’s as one of the most pivotal periods in the art career of the Zhou Brothers. A decade that was characterized by permanently establishing themselves in Chicago while projecting exponentially in Europe and throughout the world.

First Mailer_Print-1

TENº | NIU MFA Exhibition

Zhou B Gallery – Secod Floor

The group MFA show is the culmination of NIU’s three year graduate studio art program. The pieces shown are the thesis projects and research of the MFA candidates. The ten artists include five painters, two sculptors, a metalsmith, a printmaker, and a video installation artist.

Painters include: Stephanie Chambers, Laura Colby, Samantha Haring, Tess Michalik, Sara Willadsen; sculptors include: Steve Armstrong, Karen Murphy; metalsmith Agnes Ma; printmaker Daniel Jasa; and video installation artist Christopher Fedak. Chambers’ paintings are alla prima explorations of her interactions with the landscape’s reality. Colby’s work plays with perception and visual distortion while referencing architectural forms. Haring’s paintings are intimate meditations on humble objects and the detritus of studio life. Michalik’s paintings address abstract expressionism and decoration. Willadsen’s two-dimensional work is a means to process the world around her as she fights to remain in her private introspective space. Armstrong’s most recent sculpture is an homage to a group of anonymous mid-twentieth century sculptors. Ma’s sculpture uses the tactile sterility of acrylic and metal to contrast organic forms of nature. Murphy is a sculptor who works primarily in clay to explore systems of structure, unity, and division. Jasa’s large scale drawings are an exploration of the psychological state that results from living in a state of constant inevitable crisis. Fedak’s video installation explores contemporary mythology by investigating commercial entertainment.

“These are some of the most talented of our MFA candidates in years,” said Frank Trankina, chair of the Painting Department. “Their dedication to their practice is impressive and will give them the foundation necessary for promising careers in the art world.”


33 Contemporary Gallery – First Floor
33 Contemporary Gallery is pleased to present the Spring gallery artists exhibition titled Monochrome. Each participating artist was asked to produce a work of art in their prefered medium in a monochromatic color scheme. The works presented in the exhibition range from painting, drawing, printmaking, photography and mixed media.



4Art Inc – Fourth Floor
4Art Inc Gallery is Eggcited to Present “EGGSISTENTIAL : DO I EGGSIST. A hand Crafted Ostrich Egg Art Exhibition.  THE EGG: In many cultures around the world, the egg is a symbol of new life, fertility and rebirth. Some cultures focus on the egg as an instrument for the creation of the earth and/or the belief that eggs possessed healing and protective powers.  Eggsistential, will evoke each artists individual beliefs toward the “do I existence” concept showcasing over two dozen, one of a kind, pieces of art created entirely on Ostrich eggs.


Civic Orchestra of Chicago

Special Performance from 7 to 8:30 pm – First Floor

Join members of the Civic Orchestra of Chicago for a special one night free performance during the Zhou B Art Center’s March Third Friday opening.

Brandenburg Concerto no. 3
Schubert Cello Quintet
Mozart Duo for Violin and Viola in G Major
Appalachian duet for cello and bass
Schulhoff trio for flute, viola, and bass


Meet the New Art Examiner Now

Special Event – First Floor
The NAE Now is a not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to examine the definition and transmission of culture in our society; the decision-making processes within museums and schools and agencies of patronage which determine the manner in which culture shall be transmitted; the value systems which presently influence the making of art as well as its study in exhibitions and books; and, in particular, the interaction of these factors in the visual art milieu.

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