10th National Self-Portrait Exhibition Opens July 18 at the Zhou B Art Center

Curators Choice invite2

The Zhou B Art Center and 33 Contemporary Gallery present Curator’s Choice: The 10th National Self Portrait Exhibition. This annual event began in 2005 at then 33 Collective Gallery as a way to explore and document the long history and practice of self portraiture in contemporary art.

To celebrate the final year of this annual exhibition, curator Sergio Gomez has personally invited a selection of artists who have exhibited within the last ten years. This exhibition titled “Curator’s Choice” celebrates one decade of contemporary self-portraiture.  It opens on July 18th in the spacious second floor gallery of the Zhou B Art Center.


Terry Adams
Dan Addington
Stephanie Addington
Tim Arroyo
Rine Boyer
Corinna Button
Matthew Cherry
Maribeth Coffey-Sears
Rory Coyne
Jennifer Cronin
Dan Davidson
Alma Dominguez
Benjamin Fedosky
Christine Forni
Miranda Graham
Mario Gonzalez Jr.
Patrick Earl Hammie
Juarez Hawkins
Jason John
Lauren Levato Coyne
Diana Leviton Gondek
Liz Mares
Mays Mayhew
Gabriel Mejia
Jennifer Moore
InJung Oh
Leasha Overturf
Joyce Owens
Alfonso Piloto Nieves
Robin Rios
Marina Ross
James S. Rousonelos
Erin McClellan Zhoushi
Masani Landfair
Jessica Segal
Jeff Stevenson
Len Upin
Garry Vettori
John Walker
Great Zakrzewska
Marzen Ziejka
John Zilewicz
Jill Zylke

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