ArtMonao’15 Wraps up!

After another successful year, ArtMonaco’15 wraps up on Sunday, July 12. Irreversible Projects directed by Noor Blazekovic reported high support for the artists and their work exhibited in booth S24. Check out the photos below for a glance at the last day of activity.

1908118_10207552309064718_8655513588008467645_n 11014668_10207552309864738_1941457496643918649_n 11181629_10207552313744835_2712845195300538585_n 11222703_10207552312584806_8030358584435878903_n 11224623_10207552306144645_4640176487357238520_n 11666139_10207552304464603_2827627878272487852_n 11692520_10207551240318000_357567116809261458_n 11692773_10207552303224572_8656542443392834463_n 11694976_10207552303904589_3734206176523252904_n 11700872_10207552311144770_3398746966800704990_n 11709576_10207553817542429_3755060163667610412_n 11709727_10207552307744685_5928714586933950897_n 11709831_10207553432452802_2317070453023305281_n 11728843_10205687547322562_4561329669117476975_o 11738080_10207553442053042_2572405223546840162_n 11742630_10207552310704759_867129330267968756_n 11745709_10207552306744660_4379598247992645694_n

Photo credits: Noor Blazekovic & Sally Ko

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