ArtMonaco’15 Update (Opening Night)

Irreversible International Projects presented on July 9th its third participation project during ArtMonaco’15. The Irreversible Booth featured the work of Alejandro Mendoza, EDO Eduardo Sanabria, Gola Hundun, Sally Ko, Rafael E. Rodriguez, Carlos Vallenilla, Natalya Kochak, Alex Heria, Jon Glaser, Allison Kotzig, Linda Behar, Ricardo Ponce, and Marls Bonilla.  The project was curated by Noor Blazekovic of Irreversible Magazine and Sergio & Yanina Gomez of Art NXT Level.

The night of Thursday July 9th, ArtMonaco opened with a high attendance and a sophisticated audience. Visitors encountered unique works of art from artists and galleries from around the world. Irreversible Projects successfully launched its 2015 project in the company of artists and collectors who gathered for this special evening.


1537924_10205681879700875_3084731366586666475_o 11012646_10205681879620873_1234893424458033402_o 11053406_10205681878460844_5228555052432554723_o 11707725_10205681879540871_4749234676005631533_o 11709993_10205681879580872_396567018712796273_o 11713937_10205681879660874_8683816332491670317_o 11717524_10205681877660824_2696016008168719653_o 11722488_10205681878500845_1113612469367867811_o 11722611_10205681878540846_2509070548123014850_o 11731957_10205681881100910_2633866400578274308_o 11741314_10205681877620823_1331479827815418513_o


11143165_10207534061048529_3605295091902496216_n 11541936_10207533243468090_1569366409383237149_n 11695782_10207534212972327_917602371546549928_n 11722608_10153432988863665_3597326853058312719_oIMG_8511 IMG_8516

Photo credits: Sally Ko and Noor Blazekovic

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