In-Sync with Yvonne Beckway


Yvonne Beckway is an artist whose work explores our physical connection to the earth we inhabit. Using an elaborated staining process which documents plants as if they were fossil remains,  Yvonne brings a fraction of nature into a state of contemplation. Enjoy this interview and get In-Sync with Yvonne Beckway.


SG: Where did you go to school (college/university) and what degree did you receive?
YB: NIU MA in Drawing. I also took a summer workshop at the Chicago Art Institute on Japanese Screen Making.

SG: What is the best advice you have ever recieved?
YB: Work like your hair is on fire.

SG: What is your website?
YB: Facebook.

SG: Social Media links?
YB: Twitter Yvonne Beckway



SG: What is your work about?
YB: My intention is to convey an immersive experience of “being” in the landscape. I invite viewers into contemplative works that transmit a communicative experience of the plant ecology/community. Nature our First Parent ~ teaches, renews, heals and calls us to come home on every level.  Dwelling within this energy can realign us back into our true biophilic nature.”

SG: What are you working on and what inspires you right now? 
YB: Right now I am pulling my show together, so most of my energy is going into that. I just came across some one os my sketch books where I made sketches of improbable nature sculptures and I really want to make a couple.

SG: What are the essentials you must have in your studio/creative space (tools, objects, photos, etc)? 
YB: COFFEE!! Water. I really prefer silence in the studio and the this sounds of wind and rustling leaves and grasses outside.


SG: What’s your favorite social media outlet and why?
YB:Facebook for now. so many friends, family and artists there.

SG: What is your biggest challenge as a contemporary artist? 
YB: My diabetes can really affect my energy level. I work hard to stay balanced.Fallow periods of art making are very hard for me but I have always been very feast or famine.

SG: How do you define a success? 
YB: When I take a big risk and it works. It doesn’t always work and I usually cannot really tell if a piece is working until it is dry. When it works I know it!!

SG: What’s next for you? 
YB: Earthworks ~ Art of Nature is my upcoming Solo Exhibition opens on Saturday Feb 18 at 6:00pm. This nature based show will feature many of my large immersive works including a couple of my art screens.There will also be some large charcoal drawings and ink works.

SG: How has the Art NXT Level Program help you as an artist? 
YB: I am delighted to be a part of this new movement. The guidance and direction have been GOLDEN.  Sergio and Yanina are a FABULOUS team and each one has gifted me with the encouragement I needed. I am happy to be making new artist friends as we all grow together.



Book… The Lost Language of Plants ~ Stephan Harrod Buhner and Aman Cara ~ John O’Donohue
Movie or documentary… “Jackson Pollack” directed by and starring Ed Harris AND Beauty and the Beast by Jean Cocteau!!!!
Art museum… Chicago Art Institute
Contemporary artist… Andy Goldsworthy
Place to be inspired by… Anyplace outside~I do really have a great loving relationship with my land.
One sentence advice for an art student… Become the most flavorful stew that is you.


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