Artist Caroline Karp presents New Series Sails, Souls, and Sparkles

Honoring resilience and inner healing through art 

Tampa Bay artist Caroline Karp presents a 3D virtual solo exhibition with her new romantic expressionist series, “Sails, Souls, and Sparkles” February 20th, 2021 at 7pm. There will also be an artist talk during this virtual event curated by Canadian painter, Jennifer Pazienza.  For those interested in attending this virtual event please email the artist, Karp for a direct link to the solo exhibition. 

Karp’s new mixed media, romantic expressionist series, “Sails, Souls, and Sparkles”, connects nature, beauty, a whimsical touch on an emotional and spiritual adventure. Her art is a daily practice in resilience. Each sailboat in this new series represents one’s dynamic personal odyssey. 

“Sailboats define a personal odyssey.”, said artist, Karp, “They symbolize the ruptures and constants of the world that I set out to shape for myself and weave mindfulness and art together.”

Karp’s artwork is bold and dynamic. She stays inspired by the sea and her inner healing. Karp’s dedication to meditation and yoga translate the knowledge of mindfulness through her art. 

While honoring awareness and the expressive movement of sailboats, Karp keeps her large-scale canvas open to curiosity. She begins each creation with sitting in full presence and intuitively inquiring “what wants to be revealed?”. 

Karp’s work is mixed media and based on acrylic paint, pastels, and black tissue paper. The texture of the black tissue paper creates the background of each individual sail. Her definitive style adds an authentic essence of pure creative flow in a sea of perception. 

“Vignettes of seascapes define a personal odyssey where sailboats symbolize the ruptures and constants of the world”, said Karp. 

The series, “Sails, Souls, and Sparkles”, is inspired by the sea, Plein Aire style painting, and multi-layered intuitive movement. 

Karp utilizes her multifaceted skill set in oil paints to reveal her abstract, expressionistic, whimsical style using acrylic. Her use of mixed media allows for texture within each sailboat. 

“The sailboats in the foreground were made using a process where I tear tissue paper and varnish it onto the canvas. After that I work in color using paint and pastels.”, said Karp. 

Karp is the founder of the International Art Collective and the host of the “Behind the Art Inspiration” podcast. 

“In March of 2020 I had a vision of starting the International Online Art Collective, a diverse group of artists from around the world who value the power of art to inspire, provoke, and heal” said Karp, “The power of this group is in connection. And from this, a podcast is born. First interviewing these artists and then branching out to all types of artists.”

Karp is also known as a performance artist, as a live painter. Karp paints at rapid speed and truly shares a vulnerable, emotional experience with viewers as she creates during events. 

In response to life’s abrupt changes and the Pandemic Karp said, “On this Odyssey, we adjust our sails to the changes and challenges of our lives. We stay aware of those around us and we move in beautiful synchronicity and focus on how to thrive during difficult times in our lives.”

When faced with challenges beyond measure, Karp looks at each individual quest as a sailboat faced with choppy waters. 

“Sailboats observe, change and seek a way forward consciously and with the support of others.”, said Karp. 

The series, “Sails, Souls, and Sparkles” exuberates a fresh energy and connects to the heavenly wisdom from divine source, mother nature.

“There is an offering of healing within the potency of Karp’s artwork,” said Sarah Opat, art critic, “The fresh flow of colors and the dynamic movement of each sail illuminates the room.” 

Karp’s artwork challenges the viewer to accept the flow of challenges and discover the personal odyssey at hand. There is a sense of wonder and open curiosity in each of Karp’s large-scale paintings. 

Be sure to see Karp’s new series, “Sails, Souls, and Sparkles”, in her online gallery now live for public viewing February 20th, 2021 at 7pm. Karp will be hosting a virtual gathering to celebrate the release of her new collection, “Sails, Souls, and Sparkles”. 

Please email Karp to receive an exclusive link to the virtual art show. After February 20th, 2021 there will be a link to the show on Karp’s website. 

For more information visit Caroline Karp on her website at

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